CM Moussameh

Mulayh Ibn Maareesa x Moussah Bint Moussameh
1998 Grey Mare
Imported from Germany

The third mare Simeon  purchased in Germany is a granddaughter of Messaud sire of Imperial Madheen and through her sire carries the blood of Ansata Shah Zaman and Ansata Ibn Sudan – both great athletes.

Mulayh Ibn Maareesa Ansata Amir Zaman Ansata Shah Zaman Morafic x Ansata Bint Mabrouka
Ansata Bint Sudan Ansata Ibn Sudan x Ansata Bint Bukra
Maareesa Montasar Madkour x Maymoonah
Maamounah Madkour x Maymoonah
Moussah Bint Moussameh Messaoud Madkour Morafic x Maisa
Maymoonah Hadban Enzahi x Malikah
Moussameh Madmaymour Madkour x Maymoonah
Maamounah Madkour x Maymoonah

“It was a significant day for the Simeon program as I had just travelled about 600 kilometres to a stud that was badly sign posted and around a small mountain on arrival and on my way to the ladies room I was stopped dead in my tracks and had goosebumps all over me –I had to have this mare CM Moussameh (Mulayh Ibn Maareesa X Moussah Bint Moussameh).   I didn’t even know her pedigree.   This strikingly beautiful mare was in foal to a tall bay stallion named Massalam and has subsequently given us a lovely filly with the “big dark eyes“ This mare was by an elegant old stallion who produces consistently among other things – great Arabian eyes and long well shaped necks.  His name is Mulayh Ibn Maareesa, and now he too is also now at Simeon Stud”.

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