Simeon Salaeh has been sold

SIMEON SALAEHIt seems as word spreads of the quality of horses being sold at Simeon, many of whom were to be retained, we are saying goodbye to much loved animals every week. Conversely, we are thrilled to welcome new members to the Simeon Family, the latest being Anne-Katrin Liebe who has purchased the exciting chestnut Asfour daughter Simeon Salaeh, from Simeon Sibolet.

Anne-Katrin says “For some time we have been looking for a mare to enter our breeding program at AKL German Riding Ponies where we stand our fabulous stallion Vito Dima. Simeon Salaeh is a beautiful mare with all the qualities we have been looking for. We are amazed by her sensational temperament and brilliant trainability. Her exceptional conformation and expressive movement are second to none. We feel privileged to have this fantastic and sweet natured mare at our training centre and stud.” 

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