Simeon Sibolet

Asfour x Ramses Tinah

1997 Chestnut Mare

Some may argue that Simeon Sibolet has always been in her sisters shadow, however Sibolet is truly able to stand on her own ‘four feet’ and has proven to be a broodmare of great distinction, with several daughters retained at Simeon.

Asfour pedigreeBLANK Malik Hadban Enzahi Nazeer x Kamla
Malikah Ghazal x Malacha
Hanan Alaa El Din Nazeer x Kateefa
Mona Badr x Mahdia
Ramses Tinah Ramses Fayek Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
Fayza II Sid Abouhom x Nefisa
Ramses Nagdia Wahag Anter x Kamar
Zahda Morafic x Om El Saad

While one may at first admire her beautiful eyes, Sibolet is indeed a mover – when she trots with all four feet off the ground she has been known to induce goose bumps on all her see her.  She has a magnificent hindquarter with great length and strength of croup, a gift from her dam and her ancestors Ramses Fayek and Wahag, both of whom produced great bodies. Sibolet also has a great depth to her body and perfect feet.

She is not quite as tall as Shuala but she trots tall, and while her better-known sister mostly produces grey and the occasional chestnut, Sibolet also produces black foals.

Continues Marion “Sibolet has the kindest nature. Last year she was broken to ride in one week, and my 12 year old and 5 year old grand daughters just love riding her. Every breeder who visits Simeon Stud wants to take home this special mare.”


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