Simeon Sukari

Asfour x 27 Ibn Galal V

1987 Chestnut Mare

Simeon Sukari was born in 1987 and was one of the first foal crop by Asfour, which also included Simeon Stav (ex Simeon Safanad) and Simeon Saski (ex Mohema) who have both gone on to create dynasties of their own in Australia.

Asfour Malik Hadban Enzahi Nazeer x Kamla
Malikah Ghazal x Malacha
Hanan Alaa El Din Nazeer x Kateefa
Mona Badr x Mahdia
27 Ibn Galal V Ibn Galal Galal Nazeer x Farasha
Mogha El Sareei x Yosreia
10 Hosna Ibn Maysa Nazeer x Maysa
Rida El Sareei x Rouda

Simeon Sukari was the darling of the show-ring in the late 80s and early 90s. With her illustrious blonde mane, she won fans and admirers the world over – and rightly so. She was incredibly correct, with excellent legs and feet and a beautiful face. Early in her career she was awarded the Australian Champion Filly title, which she followed up two years later with an Australian Champion Mare title, one of seven by mares bred or owned by Simeon Stud to achieve this title.

After this win, Simeon Sukari was retired to the breeding barn where she delivered ten foals. Incredibly, nine of them were fillies and her only colt, Simeon Shakad (by Asfour), was exported to South Africa.

Her daughter Simeon Sakana (by Simeon Sadik) went to the USA while another daughter, Simeon Sukar (by Imperial Madaar), went to New Zealand.

Simeon Stud retained four of Sukari’s daughters: Simeon Bint Bint Galal (by Simeon Sadik); Simeon Sanaa (by Imperial Madaar); and the full sisters Simeon Sayver and Simeon Safran (by Anaza Bay Shahh).

After a veterinary mishap, Simeon Bint Bint Galal was not a lucky breeder, and before her death had only produced two colts, one of whom went to Venezuela.

Simeon Sanaa is a young mare whose only foal, a filly by Simeon Samech (Anaza Bay Shahh x Simeon Saada), is to be retained. The full sisters Simeon Safran and Simeon Sayver have been wonderful producers for Simeon, and between them have sons and daughters in Australia, New Zealand, the UAE and Germany.

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