Anaza Bay Shahh

SHAHH1011-SIMEON-0409-8101Shaikh Al Badi x Bint Deena
1987 Bay Stallion
Imported USA

Anaza Bay Shahh has left an amazing legacy for the Simeon breeding program. Marion Richmond reflects “For those who may not know, in 1975 I saw a mare named Deena from the EAO, whose movement and large, dark eyes gave me goosebumps. I vowed to have her blood in my breeding program.”



Shaikh Al Badi Morafic Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
Mabrouka Sid Abouhom x Moniet El Nefousa
Bint Maisa El Saghira Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
Maisa Shahloul x Zareefa
Bint Deena Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
Halima Sheikh El Arab x Ragia
Deena Sameh El Moez x Sameera
Dahma Nazeer x Futna


Sired by Shaikh Al Badi, who is famous in his own right for siring numerous amazing sons and daughters and from the elegant Bint Deena, Anaza Bay Shahh is still to this day the most expensive purchase for Simeon. “It took me four years to pay him off!”

Anaza Bay Shahh himself has amazing, silk-like skin with prominent, black eyes with wrinkles above them and in the summertime, he has absolutely no facial hair. His feet are still perfect, a feature that he produces as well as a wonderfully deep, strong body and excellent length of hip. We have several daughters retained including two black mares from Simeon Simone (Asfour x 27 Ibn Galal V) and many grand daughters. We have retained a yearling son from Simeon Saadia (Imperial Madaar x Simeon Saada) as well as two grandsons being Simeon Shifran (Asfour x Simeon Shavit) who is producing amazing foals, and the yearling Simeon Shanun (Imperial Madaar x Simeon Safran) who will play a significant role in the future of the breeding program.

“I just love Anaza Bay Shahh” says Marion. “One of our latest visitors was Bart Von Bruggenhart who wrote in our visitors book that it had been an honour to see such an amazing stallion.” It is a sentiment often shared with those who meet him.



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