ASFOURMalik x Hanan
1984 – 2009 Grey Stallion
Imported from Germany

The passing of this great horse may at first be seen to herald the end of an era; however to only look back would serve an injustice to this wonderful stallion. Under the watchful eye of breeders all over the world, the blood of Asfour continues to produce champion after champion in discplines ranging from Halter to Harness and Endurance…his is a legacy that is secure.


Malik Hadban Enzahi Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
Kamla Sheikh El Arab x Samha
Malikah Ghazal Nazeer x Bukra
Malacha El Sareei x Moheba
Hanan Alaa El Din Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
Kateefa Shahloul x Bint Rissala
Mona Badr Beshir El Ashkar x Badria
Mahdia Hamdan x El Mahrousa

Asfour sons and daughters have won a total of five major Australian Championships, most recently the 2010 Champion Two Year Old Colt, Ashour Al Hasan (x Sukkhara). The others have been the mares Simeon Sehavi (x Simeon Sheba), Simeon Salome (x Simeon Safanad), Simeon Sukari (x 27 Ibn Galal V) and the stallion Simeon Sadik (x Simeon Safanad). Around the world, Asfour progeny and their get continue to win at the highest levels.

One of Asfour’s first progeny exported was the black stallion Simeon Sadik (x Simeon Safanad), who went to Halsdon Arabians in the UK, owned by Charlie and Shirley Watts after winning a National and Australian Championship in his home country. Sadik was also judged East Coast Champion Stallion by Mr Paul Atkinson of Cullinghurst Arabians, and after his importation to the UK, Sadik was to win several major international championships including twice World Reserve Champion Stallion.

Sadik covered several outstanding mares, including a number of well bred Polish stock. They included the Atkinson’s own Arina (Palas x Arra by Bandos), a prized import from the renowned Janow Podlaski State stud farm in Poland. In the UK, Arina foaled an elegant black colt who, following the Polish tradition, was given a name beginning with the first letter of his dam-line, “A”…thus ‘Arastin’. Unfortunately, a riding accident to a hind fetlock prevented him being shown but like Asfour, he has received many admiring visitors from home and overseas. He has also been a wonderful sire, with his offspring winning many championships. Three of his offspring have been named British National Champion, including the multi-champion stallion JC Aramoun and Cullinghursts own D’Aamsen and D’Artagnan. Another son, Coalfax, was the highest priced male at the renowned Tersk Sale at the Kossack Stud in 2006.

Another Sadik son HS Etiquette was used in Poland for two seasons, while an Australian born daughter Simeon Sitri went to Saudi where she was awarded unanimous Champion Mare at her first show. Another Australian born foal, Simeon Sochain (x Simeon Simona) should need no introduction to lovers of Arabian horses. This charismatic liver chestnut stallion was a supreme show horse and sire in Australia, and has now been exported to the USA where he is sure to produce a new generation of champions.

First in Egypt, then Israel, and now sold to Iran, the Asfour son Simeon Sharav (x Simeon Shaula) continues to sire excellent offspring including Haytham Albadeia, who was Supreme Male at the European Event in 2009 and a National Reserve Champion in Egypt. Haytham Albadeia is now on lease to Poland. A further two sons, Nasr Al Sharbatly and Tamman Albadeia have both twice been awarded National Champion Colt in Egypt. Simeon Sharav’s daughters Malak El Sharbatly and Tarneema Albadeia are also Egyptian National Champions and he has winning progeny in Europe.

Asfour has several progeny in New Zealand, including Simeon Shemini (x Simeon Shaula) the first foal of this mating. Purchased at 4 months of age by Gerzanne Arabian Stud, Shemini went on to win New Zealand National Junior Champion, National Champion Stallion and National Supreme Champion. Simeon Shemini’s progeny have won 18 New Zealand National Titles and 5 Reserve National Titles plus 6 Top Five Awards at the Nationals. His son SS Shadrak is one of New Zealand’s top endurance geldings. SS Barabas – Simeon Shemini’s first colt was exported to the Royal Stables of Jordan.

Rhodium Stud have also had great success with their Asfour descendants at the NZ National Championships, including Reserve Champion Mare with Chaswyck Aliah (Chaswyck Ace of Spades x Joda Alana), and Champion Filly with Simeon Shahinaz (Imperial Madaar x Simeon Sayver).

In South Africa , Jack Maritz has several Asfour descendants including the stallion Simeon Segev, who has been shown with great success in many disciplines including Harness & Dressage.

Four direct progeny and several more descendants of Asfour are resident in the United States of America. The Asfour son Simeon Sachi (x Simeon Sheba) is with Anne Lousie Toner in Maryland with Simeon Selena, Asfour’s daughter who now has a daughter of her own by Simeon Shifran. The exciting chestnut Simeon Sadran, an East Coast Champion in Australia also flew the flag for his sire in the US before going to Qatar.

Simeon Sachi’s full sister Simeon Sehavi is loved around the globe, and now resides at the Dubai Stud. She is the 2011 European Egyptian Event Supreme of Show, 2011 Bronze Champion Mare and class winner at Menton International Show,  2008 Senior Female Reserve Champion and Class Winner at Menton Int. Show, Senior Female Reserve Champion at the Arabian Breeders World Cup, Las Vegas, USA and is the 2007 Unanimous Australian National Champion Mare.

Of course it is at Simeon Stud where the blood of Asfour is found in its greatest concentration. His daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters form the nucleus of the stud, with fifteen direct daughters retained for the breeding program. His recently deceased Australian Champion daughter Simeon Sukari (x 27 Ibn Galal V) created her own dynasty, with progeny exported to New Zealand, the United States and South Africa. Additionally, she has tail female grandget in Venezuela, Germany, USA, New Zealand, UAE and even Vietnam.

Simeon Shiraz, Asfour’s liver chestnut daughter from Simeon Shaula has progeny in Spain, New Zealand, Germany and the USA, while Simeon Saada, another of the great Asfour x Simeon Safanad progeny has progeny in Saudi Arabia, Qatar and New Zealand.

Several male Asfour descendants are also being retained including the great grandson Simeon Sahron (Imperial Madaar x Simeon Setavi by Simeon Sadik), and a dark bay grandson by Simeon Sadik from MB Sahamenna (Tammen) named Simeon Saadik, while the magnificent stallion Simeon Shifran (x Simeon Shavit) is being retained as a replacement for his sire.


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