Simeon Safanad

Sankt Georg RSI x 27 Ibn Galal V
1980 – 2004 Grey Mare

The first daughter of 27 Ibn Galal V was Simeon Safanad, by the stallion Sankt Georg RSI. His dam was the most exquisitely beautiful black E.A.O mare that Marion had ever seen at that time, Bint El Bataa owned and imported by Richard Pritzlaff.

Sankt Georg Ansata El Salim Ansata Ibn Halima Nazeer x Halima
Maarqada Fabah x El Maar
Bint El Bataa Nazeer Mansour x Bint Samiha
El Bataa Sheikh El Arab x Medallela
27 Ibn Galal V Ibn Galal Galal Nazeer x Farasha
Mogha El Sareei x Yosreia
10 Hosna Ibn Maysa Nazeer x Maysa
Rida El Sareei x Rouda

Simeon Safanad was a very pretty mare with lovely black eyes which she passed on to her offspring, both males and females in equal quality. She was a very balanced mare, everything was in proportion. Safanad stood a true 14.3 hands .

Simeon Safanad’s first foal, Simeon Shai was a champion in Australia before leaving for the USA. He subsequently set a world record for an Arabian stallion in Halter, as yet to beaten to the best of my knowledge. In 1991 he won the USA, Canadian and Scottsdale championship and also world champion at the Salon du Cheval in Paris.

Simeon Shai recently passed away after many years of happiness with his caring owners at Silver Maple Farm in USA.

Safanad’s second colt the black, Australian champion, Simeon Sadik [deceased] who was an Australian Champion then champion in the UK and Europe. He was loved greatly at Halsdon Stud, owned by Charlie and Shirley Watts.

Safanad had many amazing daughters by Asfour including Australian Champion Simeon Salome, Simeon Saada who has progeny in the USA and several in the middle east including Simeon Silla owned Rakan Altobashi in Saudi Arabia and Simeon Safir, a champion in Egypt. Simeon Shavit by Anaza Bay Shahh is the dam of the most beautiful mare at Simeon Stud, Simeon Salit and her famous full brother Simeon Shifran, Asfours heir and king.

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